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5 Tax Saving Strategies for the End of the Year

Year-end tax planning is a crucial aspect of financial management for businesses. It's the time when you can take strategic steps to optimize your tax situation and ensure you're not leaving money on the table. In this week's episode I explore five key areas of year-end tax planning that can help your business thrive financially.

1. Getting Out of Start-up Mode to Deduct Expenses:

Start-up businesses often face unique tax challenges. At year-end, it's essential to evaluate whether your company has transitioned out of the start-up phase, as this can impact your ability to deduct business expenses. 

The IRS has specific rules regarding when a business is considered to be out of start-up mode. Make sure to meet these criteria, particularly showing revenue for the current year.

Take advantage of the ability to deduct ordinary and necessary business expenses that can help reduce your taxable income.

2. Getting Financial Books in Order:

Accurate and organized financial records are the foundation of effective year-end tax planning. Review and update your financial statements, including your income statement and balance sheet.

Make sure your records match your tax documents. Discrepancies can lead to audits and penalties.

Utilize accounting software or consult with a financial professional to help you organize and maintain your financial records.

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3. Converting LLC to S Corporation:

For many businesses, converting an LLC to an S Corporation can yield significant tax advantages. Discuss this option with your tax advisor to see if it's a viable strategy for your company. 

S Corporations allow for pass-through taxation, which can help you avoid double taxation on business income. 

It's essential to follow the IRS guidelines and properly file the necessary forms to convert your LLC to an S Corporation.

4. Claiming the Proper Amount of Salary:

Business owners in S Corporations need to be mindful of their salary structure. Pay yourself a reasonable salary to avoid raising red flags with the IRS. 

A reasonable salary ensures that you pay employment taxes while allowing the remaining profit to be treated as a distribution with potentially lower tax rates. 

Consult with a tax professional to determine what constitutes a reasonable salary based on your industry and your role in the business.


5. Implementing a Board of Directors to Keep Corporate Veil in Place:

Maintaining the corporate veil is crucial for legal protection and tax planning. One way to reinforce this is by having a board of directors, even for smaller companies. 

A board of directors can help in decision-making, add credibility to your business, and protect your personal assets from business liabilities.  It is also a great way to open the door for tax deductions.

Regular board meetings and documented minutes can provide evidence of a well-structured business entity, which is essential in preserving the corporate veil.

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Linda M. Tuttle

5 Tax Saving Strategies for the End of the Year


Year-end tax planning is not only about saving money but also about ensuring the financial health and legal protection of your business. By focusing on transitioning out of start-up mode, organizing financial records, considering S Corporation status, determining a reasonable salary, and implementing a board of directors, you can position your business for success in the upcoming year. 

Don't overlook these critical steps before year-end. Consult with a tax professional to tailor these strategies to your specific circumstances and maximize your tax savings. I'm currently booking year-end tax strategy calls.  You can book that HERE


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Linda Tuttle
Linda Tuttle

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