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Mastering Wealth: Tony Robbins' Strategies for Financial Success | 3 Easy Tips to Build Wealth

Ready to take control of your financial future? 

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to participate in Tony Robbins' Wealth Mastery program.  It was four full jam-packed days, and I learned so much.

I'll admit I went into it thinking "what are they going to discuss for four days" and I probably know so much of this since I have been in accounting for 25 years.  Wow was I wrong.  

The event was filled with tools, techniques, and mindset shifts required to achieve financial abundance.  We are all on different stages of this journey, but one of the things emphasized the most was if you were attending, and I will say if you are here, you are in the right place.  We are all in different stages of our journey to wealth, but the first step to growing is knowing you are ready to make some changes and improvements.

I can't begin to share everything that was covered in four days in this short post, but in my video this week I covered my three biggest takeaways from the event.  I am so excited to implement the tools I learned in my own financial journey, and I am excited to be able to help you along your journey as well with some of what I learned.

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Since in this episode I mentioned one of the keys to building wealth is maximizing your tax strategy, I want you to know what tax deductions you should be looking for and keeping track of in your business.   As a business owner, you should know what these deductions are.  So, I want to give you my 9 Fool Proof Ways for Online Business Owners to Be More Profitable Guide.

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Mastering Wealth: Tony Robbins' Strategies for Financial Success | 3 Easy Tips to Build Wealth

The top 3 takeaways for me from the Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery event are the following:

What is wealth? 
The formula for success is 80% Psychology and 20% Mechanics 
It doesn't matter what you make, it matters what you keep

They spent some time on the first day discusses what wealth truly is.  Wealth is not just about having money.  

Wealth includes your health, relationships, giving back to society.  If you only have money, you won't truly be wealthy.  Part of growing your wealth is learning to be happy with your progress along the journey, not just waiting until that "one day" when you will be happy because you have your money.

One of my favorite quotes was "Lots of people have figured out how to make money, few have learned to be truly wealthy."

Wealth starts and ends in the mind and in the heart.

Psychology is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics.  It doesn't matter how many tools and investment strategies we learn if we don't have the right mindset around making money.

You need to believe you are worthy to make money and you have the ability to do so.  

We all have a "money story" that is holding us back.  We need to rewrite that story to serve us as we move forward in our journey to wealth.

Last, they talked about "It doesn't matter what you make, it matters what you keep".  We put a lot of effort into making our money, and we need to make just as much effort to keep that hard earned money in our pocket by having a savings plan in place and paying ourselves first.  This is not going to happen if we spend everything we make.  

The other part of this is making sure you have a good tax plan in place to make sure you are keeping the maximum amount.  Don't pay more in taxes than you are legally required to pay.  This is the fourth of Tony's Wealth Commandments, so obviously he thinks it is important.  I am a big believer that you as a business owner should think it is important as well!  That's why I am here to help you with this part of your business.  

Resources Mentioned

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In Closing...

Hopefully this helped you learn more about some of the important aspects of building your wealth.

Don't forget to grab the 9 Foolproof Ways for Online Business Owners to Be More Profitable so you can be prepared for tax time next year.

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Linda Tuttle
Linda Tuttle

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