Proactive Tax Planning for Online Business Owners

As a Certified Main Street Tax Advisor, Linda will help you design a customized tax savings plan that will save you money AND time so you can focus on building your business and creating the life you love.

Linda M. Tuttle

You Started a Business You Love To Make Money...

But you feel like all your hard-earned money is being eaten by taxes, and there are so many aspects about running a business that you didn't know about when you got started.

I get it. You own your own business, but you wear so many hats you don't have time for everything.

You’re working hard building your business so you can have time and money freedom.

You've set goals and you can imagine where you want to be with your life in the next 5, 10, 15 years.

You want to make enough money to pay your bills, travel with your family a few times a year, and be prepared for retirement with peace of mind. And a little bonus money for something you want to buy just because?

Which is why you feel so frustrated with your tax bill at the end of the year.

It’s too high. It feels like you're throwing money away instead of putting it toward your goals.

Here’s the thing: you know there are ethical ways to reduce your income tax liability.

But you don’t know enough about the tax code. And you definitely don’t have enough time to figure it out on your own.

You need an expert to guide you through the process.

Let's see if we are a good fit to work together.

My "9 Foolproof Ways for Online Business Owners to Be More Profitable" guide

Understand what deductions are available to you as an entrepreneur building a business online.

Linda M Tuttle

Hi there

My name is Linda Tuttle

“You don’t seem like the ‘typical accountant’.” I hear that from people a lot.

I am the Adventuring Accountant, with a personality.

You are a person to me, not a number. Even though I do love numbers, spreadsheets, reconciling bank accounts, and getting accounts to balance.

More importantly, I love meeting new people and helping YOU strategize how to save money on your taxes so you can create the life you want. Freedom to spend time with those you love, doing the things you want to do, traveling where you want to travel.

I enjoy helping entrepreneurs, particularly online coaches, consultants, affiliate and network marketers because they see a vision for a life beyond the traditional job and have a passion for helping people improve their lives.

I graduated with my Master’s degree in accounting, worked for a CPA firm for several years and quickly realized that wasn’t the life for me. As a result, I started my own tax and accounting practice and have enjoyed running it from home for over 21 years. I love showing other entrepreneurs how starting and growing their business is one of the best ways to save on taxes and create the lifestyle of their dreams.

From my blog

Hiring Your Children Can Create Great Tax Benefits for You

Did you know that hiring your children can lead to major tax savings for your business?

Sound too good to be true?

Let's explore!

Linda M. Tuttle

Travel Smart, Save Big: Tax-Deductible Business Travel Tips

Do you love to travel and want to know how to make your travel tax-deductible?

Let me help you as a business owner discover the IRS rules behind tax-deductible business expenses.

Linda M. Tuttle

A quick overview of the different entity types

Starting a business and confused as to what type of entity you should use?

There are pros and cons to the different entities and what may be right for one business may not be right for the next.

Understanding the differences between entity types will help you as you make the decision for your business.

Linda M. Tuttle

What are the different tax forms you need to understand for your business?

Overwhelmed by all the different tax forms and trying to understand which you need to file?
Let's discuss four of the main forms you need to be aware of:
Schedule C
Schedule E

I aM the Tax Planner For You if:

You want a tax strategy designed just for you and your business.
You want to end the stress of tax time and not having any idea what your balance due will be
You want to maximize your retirement
You want a tax ADVISOR, not just a tax preparer
You want to know all your required tax forms are filed timely

I am NOT The Tax Planner for you if:

You aren't willing to keep good records
You just want someone to prepare your return and not be your tax advisor
You are looking to take risky tax deductions
You don't want a personalized tax plan
You are looking for the cheapest tax preparer and don't see the value in a tax planner

The things I love to teach

Deductions for Business
Why You Want a Side Business
The Benefits of HSA's and Roth IRA's
Entity Structure
How to Legally Pay Your Children
How to Keep Good Records
The Debt Snowball
Mindset Matters in Business
Business Systems
Multiple Streams of Income

I LOVE that you are an entrepreneur because I am one, too.  I want to be your tax advisor, not just your tax preparer, so I can help you grow your business.  

Linda Tuttle

If you're an entrepreneur looking to maximize your income through tax savings and business systems as you prepare for retirement, go ahead and dive into the training.  I look forward to connecting.


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